LINK: Vemodalen and other words you didn’t realize you knew

Hello all!  I hope life is going well for you so far in 2017.  For me it has been busy and confusing.  So many things are currently in flux, and I don’t know where they might land.  Are you feeling the same?

As I wrote before, I have created a new site with WordPress, where I’ll be writing and selling photos.  If you haven’t already, please drop by and check it out!  I think everything is working as it should; however, if you have difficulties of any kind, please let me know!

As good as my intentions are, I don’t always get new content up as regularly as I’d like.  But I’ve managed a new post, inspired by an article I discovered on Buzzfeed.  It’s about a project called The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, created by John Koenig.  Koenig has created words with actual etymological roots to express emotional concepts, such as “the unsettling awareness of your own heartbeat.”  Hop on over, and leave a comment if you find this “compendium of invented words” as fascinating as I did!

Here’s the link to my article:

Vemodalen: there’s a word for that feeling

Would you like to invent some words for those moments when you just can’t think of the right thing to say?  Leave a comment and share!






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