“Christ could be born a thousand times in Bethlehem – but all in vain until He is born in me.”  -Angelus Silesius

Can you make space this holiday season in a time when you are deluged in more outwardly-focused demands?  Can you let the sacred breathe, just for a few minutes of the day?

If there is to be any beauty or good or peace in this world of ours, we must let it be born in us first. Where else can it come into being? Where else but the collision of light, dark, and in between can hope begin, or the joy that we so desperately long for but can’t seem to grasp.

Christ is born at Christmas—and at every moment before it, and every one that comes after. Every single time we choose to be strong in the face of despair. Every time a mother smiles at her child. Every time someone’s eyes light up with enthusiasm, and every time two people can make each other laugh. Every time you reach out a hand in the simplest act of kindness, another spark of Sacred flames into being.

So burn. Whoever and wherever you are, burn as brilliantly and kindly and lovingly as you can. We all need each other’s warmth sometimes. What we search for most of all though, is our own. You have it, even if you forgot. What would happen if you set those embers alight again?

“If you hope to give birth

To God on earth,

Remember: God is not external.

Conception takes place in the heart,

The Womb of the Eternal.”

-Angelus Silesius


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