I’ve been thinking lately, about consequences.  About the ripples we make, not knowing, sometimes not caring, how far they go or whose lives they might intersect.  Or the ripples we are afraid to make, hanging back from consequences that feel too large, too unknown.

I’ve wondered how seemingly random things in my life would have been different, or not been at all, had the road of life taken another turning.  The unpredictable process of buying a house, for example.  At first glance, one might assume it’s just about the house itself, bedrooms, yard, big kitchen, swimming pool (sigh).  And a few others, like how far the commute is to work.  But, after living in the same house for a while, I can see that it affects far more in the end.  And I wonder, what if?  What if I’d ended up living in any of the other houses that were for sale at the time?  Would I have gone to the same community college?  Would I have met the people I did?

And, in the midst of pondering, I realized something else.  I don’t regret the choices that have led me to where I am.  Some of them I would not make again.  But were they right or wrong at the time?  Who knows?  And whichever, they’ve become part of my life, part of me.  So good or bad, it’s all here to stay.  Now I get to choose a way forward that takes all those pieces and  makes a whole that is bigger than its parts.

In that spirit, you can read my latest article published by Be You Media here, about choices and becoming the origin point going forward in life.  Thanks for reading, and check out the other amazing offerings from Be You.


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