I have been thinking about authenticity and the awesome resilience of the soul.  From the time we’re little, we’re told how we should and should not act.  This is right, this is wrong.  We don’t do that in our church.  Be nice, be polite, never make a scene in public.  Not that you should be mean, of course.  But over time, all those should’s, don’t’s, and have to’s build up to mask the authenticity of the soul.  We end up thinking that looking good, being acceptable to whatever milieu we find ourselves in, is Numero Uno.  And in order to be one of the Acceptable, one must find a name tag behind which to hide.  We need these so that we can hold them up and try to impress others with our titles.  This is who I am: a bank manager.  The implication thereof, is that I am worth more than you, who are only a bank teller.

Maybe it’s just me, but this game of cards is ridiculous.  Almost laughable, except that it eats up people’s lives and consumes their minds, so that what the heart desires no longer matters if it doesn’t add a shiny new star to the ego.

Meanwhile, our souls and the unique light that each one carries, lie dormant while we chase the unreal phantoms that promise us happiness.  And yet, the soul waits.  All those long-forgotten dreams, they sleep and wait for you to come back for them.

Yes, these are the things that noodle around in my brain while I try to sleep.  And so I write about it.  And by some miracle, you are out there, who knows where, reading it.  So thank you.

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Take Off Your Mask And Show Me Your Soul.


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