I love fairy tales.  For an adult, that may seem an odd thing to say.  But I love the different perspective that a good fairy tale, or myth, or any kind of story really, can put on the everyday world.  Seen through the filter of metaphor, seemingly mundane happenings take on a glimmer of something more.  The soul and what’s really important can shine through.

In that light, I’ve played with writing on metaphorical and mythological topics for some time.  Then seeing the new Disney musical Into the Woods gave me added inspiration.   Now normally I am not one for musicals, for the same reason I am emphatically not into opera.  Usually it seems over-done and dramatic to the point of making me want to kick somebody.  Quit twirling around and just say the line already!  However, I can make an exception for Into the Woods.  The cast is fantastic, there’s humor, the dramatic flourishes don’t drag on, and several fairy tales are woven together to create a fascinating interplay, with some unexpected twists at the end.  And the song lyrics, once you really listen, have far more depth than anything I’d have expected from Disney.  The movie ends up not being your typical fairy tale.  Getting the Prince doesn’t always equal Happily Ever After, and not all of the “good” characters make it.  At its root, the story is about choices, and how getting what you want doesn’t always make you happy, nor does it save you from the consequences of your actions.  No one can be a Hero for you, or tell you what choice to make.

Anyway, the movie made me think about some half-formed writing that was lying forgotten, and that became an article published by Be You Media Group.  They have some fantastic content, so please check them out.

A Tower in the Woods, Emerging. ~ Jessica Myscofski

As always, thank you for reading and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

I took this photo near Glen Haven, CO.  I love the feeling of a pathway pulling you into the forest.

Who knows, maybe mystery and magic do wait, just beyond those trees….


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