“We know so perfectly how to give birth to the monsters inside us, but for reasons I will never figure out, we have not the slightest clue of what to do with all the love.”  Christopher Poindexter

Why is this?  Why does everything that seems wrong hoard our attention, while what is already beautiful and perfect, or could be with a little nurturing, goes unseen?  Why do we give precedence to fear and pain and all that drains the soul, leaving our hearts without nourishment?  Yet if we spent just a little of that time letting joy have the upper hand, or love, or enthusiasm — how would things change?  Maybe just in the small sphere of our own lives, and maybe that doesn’t seem like much of an answer to the suffering we see in the world, or have experienced.  Still, finding that spark is all that will bring new life.  People say there’s no hope for the world.  Maybe we have to create it first.

If there’s love in your heart, it’s a gift.  Please don’t let it be for nothing.


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