The Half Turn of Your Face

The half turn of your face

toward truth

is the one movement

you will not make.

After all,

having seen it


you wouldn’t


to take that

path again,

and have to greet


as you are

and tell yourself

what it was like

to have come so far

and all in vain.

But most of all

to remember

how it felt again

to see


in your own mirror,

the lines

of abandonment

and loss.

And have those words spoken

inviting you back,

the ones you used to say,

the ones you loved

when your body was young

and you trusted

everything you wanted.

Hard to look,

but you know it has to happen


that it takes

only the half turn of your face

to scare yourself to the core.

Seeing again

that strange resolve in your new reflection.

–David Whyte, from Fire in the Earth


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