Awake a soul who fell asleep,

Tell her the rules have changed.

Hold her till the wounds unbreak.

Don’t worry, that stinging feeling

Is only the lies and guilt burning

In the sunshine of your tears.

Unbreak your strength—

It lies entombed,

Yet more alive than ever

It waits, longing to make

Your soul a wild thing again.

Yes, you—wild, limitless soul

Trained to stay in boxes; no—

This lion wasn’t made for tricks.

Let it fly, that wild roar

The grief for all you lost,

And all you gave up along the way.

Cry your elephant tears

For generations who loved in chains,

Longing for the fresh, free air.

Reclaim that wild innocence—

Hid away for safekeeping—

Is safety worth it now?

Unbreak her wings to the sky.

Hold her gently, fluttering;

She forgot how to fly.

Let the wind and water teach her

And fire will brighten her eyes.

Awake a soul—she fell asleep,

Exhausted and confused—

Hold her till the heart unbreaks.


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