Something old, something new

“Old friends pass away… New friends appear… It is just like the days…. An old day passes… A new day arrives… The important thing is to make it meaningful: A meaningful friend… Or a meaningful day.”

~The Dalai Lama

And meaningful days make for meaningful, richly textured years, which this one has been.  Lots of new things to explore and learn, lots of old things fading into the background, ways of thinking that were limited and tightly bound up in fear are very slowly opening.  Most of all, I’m glad this was the year I actually started the blog I’d been thinking about.  I hope to make my posts more frequent in the year to come, but for now, I’m just feeling grateful.  Any of you following this blog, thank you for coming along for the ride!  I’m sure the new year will have some surprises for us all, and I hope they’re good ones.  Or at least, that whatever comes, we can meet it with courage and hope.

Goodbye, 2014.  And thank you.


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