Falling Leaves

Our first snowstorm of the season moved in earlier than expected.  I was watching the big fat snowflakes whirl around now-leafless trees, and I remembered a poem I’d written several years ago.  I am usually pretty bad about jotting something down and then forgetting about it; or when I unearth it, I can’t figure out why I bothered writing it in the first place.  But I was surprised to discover poems that I really like, even more now than when I was getting back out of bed in the middle of the night to scribble it on a random scrap of paper.  One of them is called Falling Leaves.  I hope you like it.

Falling Leaves

Let the sun set gently

Upon your hopes and dreams–

The dawn will come again.

Let an autumn wind rise

And a grey rain wash

Away the effort and the toil.

Let a stillness softly steal

And slow your frantic run–

Where do you have to go?

Let your busy thoughts

Fly you know not where.

More will hatch and grow.

Let golden bells turn to brass,

And the flowers fade–

Though autumn seems to bring

Death to all you know,

It’s only planting seeds.


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