To be color or not to be…

This last month has been a pretty busy time for me.  Though I’ve gone out somewhere for photos almost every day since mid September, I’d come home and download, give them all a quick look, note what didn’t work in order to try it again at the next opportunity, and leave the rest for later.  So I’ve only just gotten around to looking back to see which turned out really well.  Here’s one:


I love looking for the old cottonwoods that are unique and knarled, they have so much character.  And there’s nothing better than the play of light and shadow in autumn leaves.

But I also wondered what this shot would look like in monochrome.  A little post-processing in the RAW file, and…


I think that plays up the light and shadow contrast, as well as the leading line of the tree trunk.  But I can’t decide which I like better.  (sigh)  Occupational hazard.

Feel free to comment on your pick!


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