I love to read, which should be obvious from the “book” part of the title.  I will read almost anything, but I’m choosy with my favorites.  One of those is David Whyte.

Poetry is one of those things, in my opinion, that is either very good or very not.  For that reason I don’t read much of it.  But David Whyte is a poet well worth looking up.  Here’s one of my favorite quotes, from his book Pilgrim.  The poem is called “Traveller.”  Excerpt:

“…as if we were were meant

to know

what we wanted

to know

only tomorrow,

as if we were,

after all

from the very beginning


far beyond ourselves,

Follow the Light
Follow the Light – Jessica Myscofski 2014

our whole being

a travelling onward ghost,

that sees itself


in looking back…”


Food for thought, no?


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